The most fantastic Ox and horse cart tour in Kratie province of Cambodia

The famous things in Kratie province is about people love growing fruit crops and fishermen along the Mekong River which is the gift of a rich natural resource. In addition, a special number in Kratie province rich in animals and plants, that bring attractiveness for the tourism sector.

Trung Island is one island in the west of the province of Kratie and there are many residents living on it, who plant crops, sweet grapefruit and sold at an affordable price. Moreover, it is also an eco-tourism zone with beautiful environment with a trip by boat to cross from the east side of the City to the west side of the island.

What Experience that make you can not be forgotten that when visitors go to visit the island, they have to ride an ox cart, horse cart and bike to be able to travel to visit the scenes of the lives of people who live on the islands. And what makes this more fun is that tourist will stay at local home and eat delicious foods from families in areas with reasonable price that is acceptable to the national and international tourists.

Let enjoy the pictures as below:

 Pictures source: Kqube

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