Top 5 the best countries in the world for a single traveler

Some tourists prefer to travel as crowded, which led to some fun like a traveling with family to create memories and happiness in the family.

But others prefer to travel alone because they think easy to go to different and far places they've never seen before, and can focus on that aspect they see. But it could be dangerous for traveling alone to some places in the world.

So, before traveling to the remote places, should check the safety situation in the region and the country first. This new agency Global Peace Index issued a report from the 162 countries ranked peace and security and the best scenery. But below I just take the top 5 the best for single traveler, here are they:

1) New Zealand 

Safety rating: 4
Peace rating: 24

In New Zealand, where the film «Lord of the Rings» was made there, travelers can spend the best time for entertaining and seeing very attractive landscapes in the rain forest and on the top of the southern mountain of Alps. Not only you can jump but you can do skiing, boating and walking on the Milford Track at the foot of the mountain Levi.

2) Norway 

Safety rating: 10
Peace rating: 22

In the country, tourists can ride a boat tour along the coast Hurtigruten and into the city of Bergen across the natural beautiful landscape along the coast as well as you can see many ports in the cities too.

3) Switzerland 

Safety rating: 5
Peace rating: 30

It is a natural choice for who would prefer to travel alone. Tourists can travel by train, visiting aspects of modern interior and Lake Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne Museum before continuing travel to the Italian-speaking Ticino region.

4) Costa Rica 

Safety rating: 42
Peace rating: 1

You may think that the best entertainment is in Costa Rica can also, because it is the best place in the world. The country attracted US for long years already to cruise along the Pacific coast and amusement rides along Reventzaon River, Pacuare River, as well as along its wild.

5) Austria 

Safety rating: 3
Peace rating: 42

Austria's capital, Vienna. This city isn't big but it is the best city to live in Europe because there is where the National Museum, concert and many coffee stores where you can enjoy with it all the time. It is the best for single traveler.

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