Travel to the 7 layer waterfalls for who love pinic or quiet enviroment

7 layer waterfalls, green forest and the sound of birds become as a music mixing with natural water flows constantly, is the natural attraction of waterfalls Chheav, about 60 kilometers from Chbar Morn district, Kampong Speu province, northwest of Cambodia.

Chhreav waterfall located in the Tangsaamrong village, Omlaing commune Thpong district, Kampong Speu province.  is a lot of water down slope that is good for swimming to tourists.
It is a good place that is satisfying visitors who do not wish to walk long adventures on the streets by just parked vehicle immediately and than walk about 1 hundred meters you will reach the first waterfall layer that has a slop for you to swim and play.
Due to layer 2, not far from the layer 1, we can see visitors sometimes carry foods and some barrel of ice or beer towards bath water, and eat lunch under a shade of trees or near a cascading waterfalls.
2nd layer, there are 3 slops, about 30 meters wide and cascading falls of about 3 meters that is good for bathing and swimming.

People enjoying swimming at the second layer of the falls

The layer 3 to 7 are far that need to spend hours walking up hill, most visitors do not want to go up. Although they are claimed that in the rest layers of the fall have 20 meters high waterfalls, but there are very few people who advocate and love tranquility that plunged into the rest deep hiding place in nature.

The road head to 7 layer waterfalls that is about 60 km from Kampong Speu province

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