Travel to the heart of Mondulkiri province, Bousra Waterfalls

Busra waterfall is a very famous resort of Mondulkiri province, and were known to remain a potential lure for national and international tourists to visit the province of Mondulkiri, although the tourist areas is not yet receiving more investment.

Busra waterfall embedded hiding deep in the woods, about 43 kilometers from the provincial Mondulkiri In Pichreada district.

This waterfall is a good tourist area in Mondulkiri province. This attractive Waterfall is divided into three stages. 1st phase flow in a height of 8 to 12 meters with a width of 15 meters in the rainy season and a height of 10 to 15 meters the dry season.
2nd phase flow in height from 15 to 20 meters and 20 meters width in the rainy season and the height from 18 to 25 meters 13 meters width in the dry season. 2nd waterfall has a distance of 150 meters from the first phase.  

3rd phase flows with greater speed than 2nd cascade. We can not reach this phase because the dense jungle area, lack the means to travel and danger due to a variety of wild animals.
Besides the beautiful natural resorts around the waterfall Bousra, it is also known as areas where there are ethnic communities living in, and today most of them have changed lifestyle and dress.
Bousra waterfalls still attract travelers who came to this province can never overlooked.

Today provincial government is working to build a good paved road from Sen Monorom District of Mondulkiri forward Taong village Kon mom district, Ratanakiri province. We hope that the network infrastructure will push for more charm and be doubled up by national and international visitors coming and visiting Mondulkiri.

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