Travel to Kandal province- Swimming salty water and enjoying with Mekong River scenery at Smango house resort

Kandal province : for a short weekend break after working hard you properly want to get out somewhere that could give you relax and bring back strength. Some people choose to go away far and some love going nearer the places they lived. 
Below I just bring you who live and stay in Phnom Penh city a place is nearby the city and is a good place to relax at the weekend break as peer or family.
With just a trip of about 10 minutes over a distance of 1 700 meters from Svay Chrum pagoda, through Prek Takov health center dirt road in Prek Takov village, Svay Chrum commune, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal province you can find SMango House Resort.
You can also choose to travel by tourist boat on the Mekong River towards it. SMango House Resort provides yous a salty swimming pool, meal under thatched kiosk along Mekong River and enjoy its view.

General Manager of the Resort, said: 'We have a salty swimming pool to entertain to the guests to swim with width of 5 meters high, 15 meters long and 2 meters water depth. Artificial sea water, we have a company specializing in mixed seawater does not cause harm to human skin.
For those who want to absorb the river air that is away from the city, this ​​one hectare of resort, which has served the guests over a four-year with home bungalow accommodation and banquet with Khmer-style food and cocktails and with good price.
Manager said: 'for food in our SMango House Resort set in each of the dishes already. Guest can pay $ 6.5 a person for fully serve, and a grilled chicken costs US $ 13.5 by and not raise prices during festivals or other special occasions.

So let enjoy there! 

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