Travel to Prek Rumduol waterfalls (cascade) in Kampot province, Cambodia

Due to the force of water hit the steel bridge, which used to be a popular spot photography collapsed, now remaining the stone bridge and stood blocking the path of water flow, created cascading waterfalls with beautiful sound of water flow that became attractive for tourists to come and swim Rumduol canal that is not far from the Monivong Bokor National Park.

Hundreds of small and big stones scattered obstruct water flow transparently creating an impressive spectacle like perpetual recreation.
Cascading water flows under the bridge equal to more than half a meter high and continue to a pool with a water depth of 1.60 meters until the water rocky reefs that is length of approximately 100 meters. Here used to be very popular for national and international tourist, but today seems to become desolate and  people seem to ignore the natural beauty of this manipulation.
Prek Rumduol is a private entertainment resort in a remote district of Kampot province, Teuk Chhou district and it is about 3 km from the main paved road toward Bokor Resort. Some residents called the spinning cloud.
To Prek Rumduol, you are not required to pay moneyy as into Monivong National Park Bokor Mountain. Travel approximately 100 meters beyond the rails a little turn on a small dirt road about 3 kilometers across the bridge you will get this place.

Tourists visiting and photographing Prek Rumduol cascade resort

An owner of this place said
"Due to the way in rainy client too difficult tourists aside to play as it is in the dry season that caused this place became isolated ".

So we hope that this area will be developed in the future especially the road, and we just encourage you all if you head to Kampot, let go and see this. 

7 layers waterfalls in Kampong Speu province, good place to relax and swim... 

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