Travel to urban resort of natural bridge in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Phnom Penh: in parallel along Prek Thnout Creek that gathering natural landscape in the countryside area, with floating thatched kiosks built from wood that can be used both rainy and dry season, bringing fresh air to release your burnout and stress during the weekend while coming to the nearly one year established resort called "Natural Bridge Resort".

This new natural and innovation resort is located in Doun Kok village, Sangkat Beoung Thom, Khan Por Sen Chey of Phnom Penh.
You can head from Chorm Chao roundabout on National Route #3 and go pass Sleng Pagoda about 30 meters and turn right along a remote dirt road about 6 km, you will see the Resort sign and turn to that direction about 400 meters you will see it.
Each floating kiosks built from wood, bamboo floor and thatched roof. There are 5-6 big steel tanks that  placed under the kiosk that make the kiosks float on the surface of the water. And 1 hour rental service is only $ 1 per hour.

Guests can eat and swim gradually at the same time

Resort has a land area of ​​over 2 hectares, which is making easier for guests to park vehicles and  there are at least two or three inn owners to serve guests there.

There also serving food. the Popular dishes include roast chicken, grilled chicken, sour chicken soup, grilled fish,...and more that you can order as you like with reasonable price. 

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