Video tips to make Android phones battery life longer

The problem for modern phone battery is boring because you will be able to miss work and many important contacts. Therefore, you should understand the following simple tips to make your phone more durable and quick battery times:

1. Disable or delete unnecessary program use

2. reduce download e-mail and other messages from the server (do not download too often and do not download e-mail is too old)

3. Disable Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, NFC and sensor when not needed

4. Should not Use Animated Wallpaper (Live Wallpaper)

5. Reduction programs running on the home screen, such as weather forecast video news program which runs until



6. The screen for the light should choose light changes automatically (AUTO)

7. Turn off Automatic Update program unnecessary

8. reduce the duration of the shutdown screen brightness automatically (Sleep time when we did not click)

9. Close the vibration of the phone if you do not have to use

10. Disable unnecessary programs, especially programs that run on Background

11. You should use Power Saving Mode to save battery usage

12.The most important thing is you should use battery-quality (original battery) to avoid buying cheap battary because it is not only a life of the battery, but it's a safety issue as well. Cheap battery quality can cause accidents due to burst into flames as the case social media several times. 


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