Worldly Paradise of Santa Cruz Del Islot, 1200 people live in and no need police

Colombia is a landlocked country located in the territory of South America, in addition to being known as a country most drug manufacturers, and also at other points some interesting places such as island Santa Cruz del Islote.

Santa Cruz del Islote island's tiny Colombian island has a number of special parts of the world might not can not compare, there is more densely populated than America's in Manhattan to 4 times as background ,its land is only 12,000 square meters, while the city of Manhattan has an area of ​​87.64 square kilometers.

What's strange is that on the island there are only 90 houses, 2 shops, 1 restaurants, 1 school. This can supply people living in up to 1,200, including 80 kids.

Because of the small population of less area it makes it very easy to live in, all these are known well together. Because all the people all know each other, so they do not lock the house during night until they do not need police security guard people.

Meanwhile, easy to live like this, it also contains a number of other negative happened there no hospitals, no access to clean drinking water, no sewage system and no place to bury the bodies, while electricity use lasted only 5 hours.

The source of water for daily use on the entire island is entirely dependent on the transport fleet of Colombia once in 3 weeks, if people die, they will be carrying the bodies buried in the island nearby.

The island of Santa Cruz del Islote was considered to be an island, which has the highest density in the world that it is part of the town San Bernardo Islands, and to get to the island generally takes nearly 2-hour boat ride from the territory of the coastal city of Cartagena, Colombia.

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