10 greatest from Samsung at IFA 2015 exhibition

Due IoT inclusion of all segments of life, and Samsung electronics and updates highly creative. Let's all of us see how the magic top 10 things at the IFA exhibition in Berlin 2015 

1. Gear S2
Gear S2 gives users more than expected. There are two types of gear S2 and S2 Classic gear that can be moved to the requirements beyond other assumptions to shape and color that can easily swap. Gear S2 with Android, which is the most useful and functional.
2. Curved - SUHD, UHD TVs
Now Samsung TV 28 sizes from 32 inches to 105 inches and suitable for all types of homes and small home until the mansion house. SUHD UHD TV is a new television series to date and the most suitable for everyone.
3. IoT Zone
To be easier to find out about IoT, you can go to the IoT Zone can explain IoT make your life better done? It lies in the center of the exhibition. We have 24 TV will be like some books that explain its ability.
4. SleepSense
SleepSense product is tracked sleep mode and it offers some guidelines that can make us sleep more easily. It's a thin strip that can be placed under the mattress and sleep tracking the movement of our breath and pulse clearly clear without any tools can do.
5. SmartThings
SmartThings can turn lights or changing the temperature while we are not at home. Not only you can also get information from the activity or other problems that can occur in your home, such as fire and so on.
6. With car connector (Connected Car)
Car Mode for Galaxy app you use the phone or other hand tools for listening to music-related check target to go and read the message as you listen, you can still look to the road who are driving or steering Normal. It helps us driving easier and safer than before.
7. Virtual Reality Experiences
This year Samsung has given us a new experience of the exhibition through Gear VR. In Berlin, you can join a live demo of the IFA exhibition in position 4. Club des Chefs visitors can taste delicious food, as well as their own culinary fun.
8. Can change (Customization)
Behind the creativity and innovation of Samsung's commitment to create a new technology to meet the needs humanity. This year Samsung has collaborated with many designers to make phone and your mobile devices more and more . We have partnered with Montblanc leather phone shell tattoo manual for the Galaxy S6 edge + whereas Swarovski phone will make tires shone.
9. Additional devices (Smart Suit)
Electronics Samsung not only trendy and modern, but the design is more technical. Samsung C & T took half an additional 4 to IFA that lets you design your phone easily, without the need Remove the shells.
10. Circle (The Year of the circle)
Natural circle shape perfect starting point and end point. In this year's IFA exhibition circles appeared again, products of Samsung Electronics. Location in the center of the exhibition is the wireless subwoofer that voice anywhere.
About Samsung Electronics co., Ltd
As the world's leading technology provides new possibilities for people everywhere. Through constant innovation and discovery, we are moving to a better world of TV flagship desktop personal computer devices Camera Kitchen Machines LTE systems, medical devices, with the electrical system and LED system. We have 307,000 employees across 84 countries, with annual sales of 196 billion US dollars.

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