5 the most beatiful world heritage- Angkor Wat standed at the first

So far, this World Heritage UNESCO (UNESCO) has been included in the World Heritage List for more than a thousand places. World Heritage (World Heritage) UNESCO World Heritage List is not easy, there are clear indications for type previous value will be included in the list because after inclusion in the list of heritage and not only the country's cultural heritage, Sammy but also a wealth of humanity all over the world that the international community has the obligation to keep it intact, if damaged place They need to have a budget allocated for repair..

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For those who prefer to visit places 5 below heritage really is a delightful place and two secluded because it is not a normal tourist, but as a cultural tourist destination, the most sublime elsewhere.

You have to visit again and are praised not isolated from the mouth that really wow, that is, until some great to again and again Lanham wants to not loathsome because to visit many times more interested to visit.

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the king ordered the construction of the early dedicated to Vishnu, the gods in Hinduism, because the Khmer king he practiced Hinduism. Angkor Wat was built during the Khmer Empire emerging on top during 9th century to the 15th century.

2. Greece Acropolis temples

The temple early fortress built in 500 BC and looked toward barombauran (ancient city), Greece Athens (Athen). In the past, a different realm that the enemies of the Greek period, packed his army to the barracks. This fortress if tourists travel from Athens is easy to reach.

3. Ghana Galapagos Islands (Galápagos Islands) Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, the islands or archipelago Series (archipelago), which was formed from volcanic eruptions (volcano eruption) in many places around renewable and Ocean archipelago Pacific near Ecuador (volcanic research scientists normal flat first, but due to the volcanic pumice on renewable Hill only once, and these islands formed from volcanic pumice bottom of the sea). Ears that famous wise Englishman Charles Darwin traveled by ship to a stop on the islands and created the theory of the evolution of creatures - Theory of Evolution ». The islands have 25 000 people living in rich and rare species on the island and elsewhere no.

4. The Chicago Ray Meng Park (Göreme National Park) Turkey

The park is located in the region corners (remote area) of Turkey, but if they travel from Istanbul (Istanbul) is easy to travel to to the site without difficulty. Battery recess and Embroidery, appearing on the big rock occurs due to water purification and erosion purely natural laws no processing .

5. Reef Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef in Australia, a collection of reefs (reef) 3000 Posters, and more than 600 islands. Reef stretches over a wide area of ​​space research even reached the moon can see the reef The water came from the moon.

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