5 real Cambodian lifestyle experiences to try in Siem Reap

These experiences are the tour packages that you can find in Siem Reap province of Cambodia. If you are who passionate about Cambodia and would like to experience things that are real of Cambodian culture, let check it out as below.

All these experience packages are quote from Withlocal website. I took them and filed them out that could easier for you to find information about trying things while you are in Siem Reap or preparing to come to Siem Reap.

Hope you all will enjoy all these experiences. Still more experiences from the withlocal, but these the best 5 you can enjoy the real thing Khmer people done the most.

1) Cook and taste Amazing Cambodian Food

Are you a food lover? If Yes, then Cambodian Authentic Food (AMOK) is the best ever!

Visit me in the countryside, meet with the local people and try this truly local dish! You will have the opportunity to visit the market with us, we will cook the dishes together and of course we will taste the delicious food as well!

You can choose either for a lunch (starts at 8:00) or a dinner experience (starts at 14:00)

The food that we are going to cook is below:
- Starter: fried or fresh spring roll
- Main Course: Amok fish / chicken or chicken OR Sour Banana Blossom with fish / chicken or chicken
- Fried morning glory
- Dessert: Pumpkin Custard

2) Khmer Tractor to Remote Temple

Come with this a journey of discovery, to witness rural life in the picturesque countryside, approx. 25 km from Siem Reap. Our Khmer Tractor tours takes in the area of Khnar Pou Commune we will take you to the village ora remote temple called Banteay Ampil. You will be picked up by Remork (tuk tuk) and delivered to the starting point of the tour. You' ll go past rice paddies, palm trees, ox-drawn carts and the odd ruin. A visit to a local family can also be included, which adds a unique personal touch to the whole excursion. Then after your tour we will deliver you back into Siem Reap.

3) Be A Local / The Local Way of Life

The local way of life is a great experience introducing you to a local daily life, local crafts and activities. You will get a chance to learn new skills and contribute to the local communities. We offer a nice tour through the village, visiting the local people. You can try all sorts of activities like Ox-cart ride, rice planting, making palm leaf boxes, etc.
3 the most popular shops in Siem Reap province

4) Experience a Night in a Village

We travel deeper into a countryside. Remote village is about 30km from Siem Reap where you can discover a real Cambodia. This tour offer you a rare opportunity to gain inside into the way of life of the rural population.

Along the ride about 30-minutes you will see a beautiful landscape. You will get to know the resident in their country in the village. This trip is literally "off the beaten track". You can experience a real sense of adventure.

5) Eat Like a Local: Real Cambodian lifestyle

You will have a beautiful lunch in our house that is located in one of the last circular villages close to Siem Reap (15 min from the center). It is a real Cambodian village where time has stood still.

Staying with real Cambodian style houses in Siem Reap....

The village people are working in the rice fields with there cows or climbing the palm tree's to get the palmjuice. After lunch we will have a walk in the village, because we know most people in the village (I am the only foreigner living here) and we are welcome everywhere.

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