8 types of computer virus the users need to be very careful!

When a virus invades the OS (Operating System) it will make your computer slow totals are missing documents or stop the process right away. Some researchers have spent a lot of time to determine the type of virus as well as computer threats about the beginning of the formation and influence, and how to pass.

Effects after infection depends on the type of strength or weakness. Below are 8 computer virus type, which most computer users need to be careful:

1) Boot Sector Virus:

The term "boot sector" is the name that was originally from MS-DOS is used in the startup phase of the operating system computer operations. Usually in modern computers are called "master boot record" where storage (sector) on the first storage device Data is divided into different areas (partition).

Boot Sector is part of the data storage device, which is located on the RAM. Because it implants itself in the startup phase (boot) of the operating system so that it is easier to attack the initial system boot (System Startup).

2) Browser Hijacker:

Computer viruses which attack the web browser (Internet Browser). Usually in the form of documents (application) when they click to download (download) from the infected site (malicious website). Symptoms, it is the user go to a particular website, the trick to increase the number of traffic accidents (traffic) on the website of those intended to take advantage of income.

3) File Infector Virus:

only once. Coding the virus will overwrite or insert the code to break into the executable file. Some virus types damage the operating system, including Windows, Macintosh and Unix. Not only on the pandemic but also invade computer network system (Network). This type of virus in Win32.Sality.BK name is a file-infecting virus, the most famous among the top 10 malware infection of the Year 2011-2012.

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4) Macro Virus:

Is a type of computer virus impact other annoying symptoms automatically at startup app (application). It comes from the language program Macros mostly on actual Microsoft Office programs MS Excel can be created. However, the level of Macro Virus infection is low, it can only make a small error.

Split virus process is made mostly by mail or email, for example: The Melissa virus in 1999.

5) Multipartite Virus:

While some viruses Eager to expand its single method or penetrate in a single file Multipartite Virus will break its many different ways and cause different symptoms criminals, making the system is variable depending on the issue.

The virus soon impact on the PC faster and it uses file infectors or boot infectos to attack the boot sector and simultaneous process executable file.

The virus caused some impact even be able to clean it, the boot sector is not clear. Initially Multipartitle Virus infection called Ghostball virus discovered by Fridrik Skulason in 1989. Computer experts very carefully, it is a different type of virus. To prevent it:

- Install anti-virus software installed high capacity credible

- Do not open files sent as email attachments (attachment) or download (download) files that are not credible

- Update anti-virus software on a regular

6) Polymorphic Virus:

Polymorphic infection or a virus spread quickly and change different name each time a copy to user Illusion and evade capture program. The virus was created by encrypt method to be used in each copy.

So every time its copy at a time it will be different forms of hundreds or thousands, which makes anti-virus software is difficult to determine identified and deleted from the computer hard because most applications and can take specific virus code. Application developers (developers) create additional anti-virus software to write more code to crack down on this type of virus.

7) Resident Virus:

Resident virus is a type of computer virus that after crossing into the system will copy and hiding in the memory of the computer. This virus will undermine your file depends on your purpose programming. Resident Virus infections are divided into two fast ifectors and slow infectors.

Fast infectors possible computer problems quickly, but also easy to note because its symptoms Slow infectors are able to deploy its and more and more great, because it was discovered a long time was needed. Moreover Resident Virus effect when crossing into the computer and it will disable the ability of anti-virus software, which is weak and there are special tool capacity tent virus from memory.

8) Web Scripting Virus:

Many website access code to make complex content gets attention. For example: the display form (Play) video online on the browser-specific code is needed to provide both types of video play myself and the player interface.

Therefore, these codes can sometimes have adverse effects by creating a virus affecting your computer or from the website. Some sites are associated with bad computer because without precise knowledge concerning Webmaster.

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