Cambodia is a new direction for the P & O cruise ship Australia

Cambodia will become a new destination for cruise ship P & O Australia's (P & O Cruise Ship) among the four new areas The company plans to expand its cruise ship destination. According to the press release heraldsun Australia.

The company plans to expand its entertainment destination to the four Indonesian Solomon Islands Thailand and Cambodia.

CEO of entertainment along the way P & O Ann Sherry has added two new ships 3 cruise ships operating.

Cambodia became new destination for havens people in the world...

The two new cruise ships, according to sources that will take the air port Saints to stop there.

Ann Sherry said: 'We hope that the five cruise ships we can meet the demand for vacation travel around Australia with existing locations and adding new locations.

Australia's summer vacation next year 2015-2016, the company has set the starting price of 549 dollars for a three-night stay for one person.

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