Is Wi-Fi in your home slow? 5 ways could help its speed faster

Here is just to help you with your wi fi at home is working slow. You maybe face it slows for a moment, but sometimes it slows for a long time. The following is a simple method to make your Wi-Fi can work faster.
Source: Lifehacker

1) Place the router in the proper place
The best location is put it on the floor of your house (which floor you are staying and working ) and is at the center of your home in order to balance the signal anywhere in the house.

Well, you should understand it a bit higher, and it should put in place clear, that is not surrounded by brick or there is nothing covered, because that will make identification (signal), it can not be divided all levels.

According to Verizon Wi-Fi signals can be weak when we put the antenna of it shot in the wall panel. So you should put it to where you work. But if your home has more stories that should be placed on the upper floors to signal covers the entire building surface thorough.

Experts have suggested that you should put your router at least 3 meters from objects such a refrigerator, microwave micro speakers and other devices.

2) Switch the channel

Not only TV channel (Channel), Wi-Fi, but there are also the same. To reduce interference from your Wi-Fi network nearby home, you should change the channel (from 1.6 to 11). According to Best Buy website, ranging from 1.6 to 11 channels above channel and used simple . If you change it, but it's still slow, try switching from 2 to 10 again.

3) buy a separate antenna towers (high-gain) for assistance:

Some Wi-Fi routers, antennas, and two others have, but sometimes existing antenna can not provide sufficient identity to you. Therefore, you should switch to a separate antenna or more so-called booster or high-gain to help signal in your home. Antenna switch easy embodiment which is black you just rolled out new Mu ready.

4) Buy extender device for separating and slot distribution of Wi-Fi signals wide

This tool is called Wi-Fi Range Extender or sometimes called a repeater function for raising the validity of the notion Internet use more spacious and help fast. It can also be used with a separate antenna (high-gain) as well to help identification.

Review and Editor Lincoln Spector found the benefits of Extender devices are of good quality than using the auxiliary antenna (high -gain) but generally Extender is also more expensive than high-gain. Please note that this Extender lets you use more than one identity requirements wide.

5) Do not tell your password to neighbors:

At this point sounds seems to be a bit selfish, but to think that if a person there is going to have and will continue to distribute the rest of your Wi-Fi' s password. Speed ​​Internet weakened if there are multiple users at one time..

Can go off the option of broadcasting the notion Service Set Identifier (SSID) to the unknown people in the compound determined not to see the Web Network . This is useful to avoid stolen (hack), which makes a very weak speed Internet.

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