Phnom Penh: Entertainment places and activities people do relaxing around the city

Entertainment places in Phnom Penh over the last few years has been developed so much and well and beautiful organized for people. Some places gym and exercises material were set up for people can spend time on exercise. Before we can see those places were crowded with people only on Saturday or Sunday . But now a lot of people visit and spent time everyday, morning, evening and night time.

Today, as the economic growth of cities and urban construction. Wave of development has created a high-rise building, including business center, restaurants that offer gourmet food service and hotel style luxury at all levels. What part of the development is booming food and nightlife scene that can compete with other cities in the region.

This beautiful capital of Phnom Penh has also a lot of historical and cultural features attractions, that is along with a lot of opportunities to represent culture of Cambodia. Here. It also left over some old colonial aesthetic consistency from France with new infrastructure, Buddhist temples and markets. All this is evidence of the strong energy of development road of Phnom Penh. A long the Riverside meetings of small pubs, bars and popular restaurants. Stores that offer products made from beautiful silk and exhibition galleries on either side of the road. In addition to the spectacle of Fine Arts and entertainment, nightlife, you will understand why it became an enthusiast and a direction for tourists.

Starting from the Wat Phnom area has been observed that both national and international guests to visit in the morning and the afternoon. In front of the Royal Palace gardens since the dawn of each days have seen Cambodian citizens who love healthy gathered doing  exercise and in the morning there are also some visitors, including children, doing photographs, feeding pigeons, doves. And in the afternoon until the night we can see people doing exercise along the gardens and go walking, both national and international guests.

In other Gardens in the city, there are a lot people go and relax in the the evening time. Dream Land t park is another place where a lot of people visited in the evening time . The Diamond Island Besides the exhibition program in the morning and afternoon were less people to see but if in the evening and night is a lot of more, some went to sit down together and others are also preparing food, sit down to eat with family and friends .

Turning back to the night market is also an interest place for going a walk and buy various goods. Night Market is located in the front Old Market near the river, and often there are many tourists go there to buy other goods. Currently there are more than 150 stalls selling goods from other clothes and ornaments to furniture and souvenirs. The creation of a Night Market in Phnom Penh to offer domestic and international visitors a place to buy souvenirs.

Besides those places, a trip along the river is a famous thing to do in Phnom Penh. Visitors can travel along the Mekong and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the the banks of the river. Many communities living reef on the river for many centuries ago. Visitors can stop to drink a great tea, visit the small villages along the banks of the spectacular temples, and absorb the pure air in the middle of the river.
Sized tourist boats waiting to take tourists along the river bank, and usually between street 144 and 130 and near the port of street 104 and you can find the ferry, as well. From about 4-5: 30 pm, you can enjoy the sunset on the cruise and cost only from $ 4-5 each . If you need to rent a private boat can range from $ 10-15 an hour by offering travel standard services.
This trip along the river not only during the day, but also the process by Night in the evening river along Sisowath offer trip down the Mekong River as well as a dinner for tourist. Night cruises a long the river is not too expensive.

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