White Rocky beach is popular for tourists in Koh Kong province, Cambodia

White rocky beach coastline is one of the many beaches on Koh Kong territory which is beautiful naturaly to attract national and international tourists to visiting and bathing and rocky beaches are also popular amongst visitors today.

Heading to the white rocky beach in the white rock village is a long the dirt red gravel road, you also will see and enjoy durian, cashew, rambutan plantations.

Visitors who travel there is always obsessed with its beautiful natural scenery. This white rocky beach is in white rock commune, Botumsakor district, Koh Kong province, traveling from Phnom Penh along National road 4, then  National road 48. When arriving at white rock commune, need to travel a long  the dirt red gravel road about 44 kilometers, you will reach it.

After coming to the white rocky beach tourists are able to relax on the beach, enjoy reef beach And see beautiful sunset in the coastal areas which there are a lot of  big and small stones terrace flanked by coconut trees that making this beach a beautiful spectacle.

Due to the white rocky beach is rich natural view plus understanding of residents maintain good environmental sanitation made the beach become more beautiful and more attracting for tourists.

You can also rent a boat to have boat tour visiting some more coastal in Koh Kong of the white rock commune.

 So, more and more tourists have started to come to this beach, because its naturally richest sources and great place to relax.

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