10 attractive views makes you want to travel to the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that has more than 7,000 islands, which can be classified as tourist paradise such as underwater diving and adventure travel. This country really offers you a vivid beauty of a coastal cave waterfall pool and many other attractions.

1. Lake, Myanmar

It is  most popular places with water and lakes shine like crystals on the island of Koran. For about 10 minutes to the place that you can bath in the lake, which is surrounded by scenic mountains and lush green plants.

2. Mayon Volcano

It is located on the island of Luzon and the Albay gulf region and it occurs most often in Philippines.  Mayon mountain is the perfect, beautiful and fascinating place.


3. The old tower of the cathedral broke Salvador 

It is located between the 18th century as a place for worship and they always have a faith that can prevent accidents from Mayon Volcano . This temple has been broken due to the volcanic eruption in 1814.


4. Borah Kay

It is an island that has 2 beautiful coastal beaches, the white and embroidery coastal, along with green and clear sea everywhere. It is the most popular for vacations in the Philippines.


5. Toumalok

It is where the best natural waterfalls accompanied with a cascading rocks covered with moss and surrounded by quiet forest is located on the island Cebu  of City O slob.


6. Sumatra Ku ing 

It is a large rock cave along with very cold water, which is located on the island of Luzon of Saga da City Philippines. 


7. Tubata Harriv

It is a coral island of Sulu Sea offers visitors such as sea bird watching, reefs, especially visiting the beauty of the undersea world.


8. Busanga 

It offers tourists to snap the picture and the true nature of the sea, accompanied by a beautiful mountain and island. It is one of the largest islands in Galaman islands as part of the province of Palawan, Philippines.


9. El Nido

It is a small town located on the Gulf island of Palawan, which is a beautiful beach and pool flanked by limestone and rocks.


10. Manila

The capital city of the Philippines is located on the island of Luzon, with high-rise buildings and gorgeous views of the city.

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