10 high-rise buildins which are the best in the world

high-rise buildings were built more and more, especially in developing countries, we see a lot. However, for the skyscraper and is ranked in the world we have known before, but for now, let's bring your eyes to see the 10 high-rise buildings and recently built  and finished. 

10. KKR Tower building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


9. Infinity Tower Bridge Tower Ben Australia



8. One57 building, New York, United States



7. Soyak Kristal Kule building city Istanbul Turkey



6. Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid Abu Dhabi UAE



5. The Leadenhall Building in London, UK



4. One World Trade Center buildings, New York City, USA



3. Building Tour D2 heads Coast France



2. Bosco Verticale building the city of Milan, Italy



1. Building Beijing Wangjing SOHO China


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