3 reasons why you should experience ox cart trip and homestay with local people in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of Asian countries that has a lot of tourism potentialities such as ancient archaeologic temples about more than thousands temples around Cambodia, the beautiful beaches, resort, natural places, creative resorts...

Because it riches in cultural and natural resource for tourism, it have been attracted more and more people around the world every year to come and visit Cambodia.

Due to the potential of tourist, the government sector and private sectors have worked out its best to create and provide tourist services and attraction for tourist who have come and visited in Cambodia.

Among attractive tourist services, Ox cart riding and staying with the real local community and people's lives tour package is one of many popular things to do that tourist like doing it.

So, why do you need to try to experience Ox cart trip and stay with home of Khmer family?

1)- The first reason

It will let you to experience, learn and familiar with the real lives of real villagers who really have lived different from the people in the town. You will have an idea about the real Khmer people and their lifestyle.

In the town or some tourist region mostly will show you about the civilization and modernization, happy and easy life, that is very different from the real people in the countryside.

So I believe that you will delight about what real Khmer lifestyle, and the way they live, work, eat, rest and sleep.

2)- The second reason


You will become the one who will contribute to the community and rural people where you will stay. I mean, what you will expend on the tour, it will contribute directly to the local people whose earning for living are very low.

The money you spend will help them to the better life, maybe not just to the parents but the next generation who can study higher grade from income you provide.

So, your time and expense will be so worthy to those people in need!

3)- The third reason

Source: www.ttrweekly.com
You will be part to preserve and observe the things, tradition and lifestyle that now have been turn to be disappeared.

15- 20 years before, Ox cart or horse cart, was very important transportation for farmer who lived in the countryside who earned for living through cultivating! but today, very few of them left over and people started to stop using them for their daily living. Today people start to use the modern transportation even at the countryside.

So, you will be the one will keep preservation  and observation of Cambodian tradition and lifestyle to be longer time for next and next generation to know about it.

Thank you for reading! Hope you will enjoy the time in Cambodia and any kind of tour trip!

In some provinces that now have Ox cart riding and staying with real local community service and connected linked:
1)- Ox cart riding and homestay in Kampong Thom province
Go to the link http://www.tourismcambodia.com/activities/homestay-in-cambodia/khmer-village-homestay

2)- Ox cart riding and homestay in Siem Reap province
It is a great experience, see the link http://www.angkortravelguide.com/thing-to-do-detail https://www.withlocals.com/experience/half-day-ox-cart-ride-in-rural-cambodia

3)- Ox cart trip and homestay in Kratie province
Go to link
4)- Ox cart trip and homestay in Kampong Cham province
Go to the link
http://www.tripadvisor.com/Kampong cham province

There are more province that you can do so, but gather only where places most tourist have been to and done it.

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