5 best Cambodian foods gathered in October 2015

Foods can bring us joy and happy to our lives. While we travel or visit somewhere after spending time tiring on enjoying and tripping to see things as we planned, resting and eating are the next things we will enjoy our lives.

Visiting Cambodia, I believe tourists are not just enjoying the richest of Cambodian cultures or natural things, the food is also what tourists are interesting in.

There are many kinds tasty foods in Cambodia, especially Cambodian/Khmer foods itself. On this post I would like to gather the 5 best Cambodian foods, and the place where you find them to try. So here are they:

1)- Spicy Curry Snail on rough salt

Great spicy curry snail, source: postkhmer

It is tasted good. Inside snails, there are some mixture of seasoning such as fish, curry, lemon grass, sugar...etc

This food you can find at "Mhob", a Khmer style restaurant located at house number 137, Trang village, group 3 a long preservation Angkor road, Siem Reap province.

It is cost 6 US dollars a plate like the photo you see.

2)- Tomyam dried fish and fish egg

Tomyam, a great sour spicy soup. postkhmer
Tomyam is one of famous Khmer foods among the local and international tourists who came to visit Cambodia. It has different tastes and meat.

This dish you can find at "One more" restaurant located at street 315, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh. This restaurant also designed to be Khmer style and selling many different best Khmer foods.

It is cost 7.2 US dollars a pot like you see in the photo.

3)- The popular Khmer food "Fresh water shrimp salad"

Tasty fresh shrimp, real Cambodian rural food. postkhmer

It looks so yummy, yes actually it is yummy. You can also find this food at "One More" restaurant too. It is the best and real rural foods that Cambodian people love eating it, so you can try it.

It costs only 6 US dollars a plate

4)- Sour white noodle salad

Yummy noodle salad. postkhmer

It is kind a Thai food in Cambodia, and also similar to Khmer foods, It is also yummy.

You can find it at 478 restaurant in Phnom Penh Cambodia. It costs only 3 US dollars a plate.

5)- Fried fish with green pepper sauce

Tasty fried fish. postkhmer

It looks very simple food, but I tell you it is very good and yummy. It is great to who do not like eating animal meat.

You also can find it at "Mhob" restaurant in Siem Reap province, located at 137 house, Angkor preservation road.

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