A few best photos showing about amazing Cambodia 2015

Pjum Benh, a big Buddhism religion festival holiday just finished recently in Cambodia. During this time Cambodian people who adhering Buddhism, they were so happy to go and visit home town, family and as well taking time to visit some famous tourist places around the country.

And what I would like to share in here is about amazing photos naturally taken by Cambodian people that which showing about amazing Cambodia that posted on social media.

Let enjoy it!

1)- Golden Angkor Wat

 Picture by Sithol Stl

Piture by Micheal Smith

On the 9th October 2015, the best pictures of Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap province, taken by Khmer people who traveled and visited there, showing amazing Angkor Wat temple at the evening time naturally became very gold that we have never seen before.

This making Angkor Wat temple,  the world heritage temple became more famous in the world and no the other can be like it in the world.

So amazing and proud to you Angkor Wat temple in my country, Cambodia.

2)- The beautiful sunset on the beach in Sihanouk Ville

 Picture: Khan Nuch

It was so beautiful the nature of the beach in Sihanouk Ville (Kampong Som). Sihanouk Ville is the best and famous place for its beaches.

During this 3 day Pjum Benh festival holiday, Sihanouk Ville increasing to 33,47 % this year during the national holiday. It is not only the local visit, but the foreigner as well.

3)- The green gold land

Picture: A Kan thea Facebook

Cambodia not just has only the cultural heritages, but rich also the natural things especially agriculture. While the golden Angkor Wat temple appeared, it is also the green view around the country appear. It is the season of the paddy rice growing everywhere.

Great that we have both the golden, green at the same time and season. That how to show about how amazing is Cambodia!

Enjoying Cambodia!

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