A new found waterfalls near the Cambodian-Vietnamese border, O Damkorn

Mondulkiri province: People who traveled or are traveling to the northeastern province of Cambodia  mostly mortal stop and relax at the famous and well-known waterfalls Bousra. 
But recently in the Mondulkiri land a new waterfall that is hiding on the outskirts of isolation hindrance  near to Cambodina-Vietnamese border,  was found, it is according to the local newspaper and website that wrote and showed about it.

A new found waterfalls O Damkorn in Mondukiri province

Located near to border post number 7 crossings between Cambodia and Vietnam, where we can see many car driving on the highway at Vietnam's side, showing about a beautiful waterfall hidden behind in thousands of hectares of rubber plantations was a newly discovered.

O Damkorn waterfalls is about 8 meters tall, which flows into two approximately 8 meters and a width of 2 meters, located in the commune Busra and district of Pichreada.

Beauty of the O Damkorn waterfalls surrounding by rubber plantation
Because geography is complicated for the passenger driving by car or motorcycle on the road difficult curving, and distance of nearly 40 kilometers from the crossroads of Bousra waterfall, and 70 km to Phnom Namlea resort, tourists love adventure to this place should seek help from the owner of the land.

Although visitors are going through a particularly difficult road once again that can make your car and motorcycle twisted by sticky mountain soil, Nevertheless waterfalls is not so far from the car parking.
You just have to walk a distance of 50 meters will be seen wooden bridge crossing a stream, a waterfall fountain is about 2 meters wide and walk about 100 meters more you eyes will feel with the spectacle of cold water streams O Damkorn. Down part of the waterfalls there is a 2 or 3 meters deep pool and good for swimming.

Currently, the people who have known this place, there are only the farmers who have farm nearby and some of resident people in  Mondulkiri province.

Hope provincial tourist department will develop the road to the new waterfall very soon, that national and international tourist can go there easier. 

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