Admirable works that is a good example in Cambodia society

In the last decades, Cambodia have been headed to more and more development in many sectors, cities modernization, technology, education, tourism, infrastructure reinforcement cross the country.

In other hand, Cambodia have been also showed about its good result of poverty exceeding to meet its millennium development goal in poverty reduction.

Children in rural of Cambodia, where school access are low.

"Phnom Penh, February 20, 2014 —  Cambodia has exceeded the Millennium Development Goal poverty target and is one of the best performers in poverty reduction worldwide, according to a new World Bank Poverty Assessment Report. The poverty rate more than halved, from 53% (2004) to 20.5% (2011). Today, approximately two out of 10 Cambodians are poor, compared with five out of 10 in 2004" World Bank report (

If take a quick look through the recent development in Cambodia, yes we agree about how it has grown toward from year to year, especially in some cities and towns of Cambodia, and the increasing of its economy. We, Cambodian, are appreciated to that growth and hope it will keep going more in the future.

School for poor children in Battambang.

We also do not forget to look at the slowly work out through out the rural of Cambodia. If we look back to the rural situation, there are still many things need to change and develop and work out more. Welfare of rural people is still very far distance to compare with welfare of cities people in Cambodia.

Rural people still need more road connection, sanitation, clean water, better education, better health care, better family economy, and better caring from the governmental services...etc, especially, children, a future line for the country.

So, in this post I just would like to express some works that should  be admired, given worth. Those are some Non Government Organization, associations, government agent and programs, have worked very long time in Cambodia, and have been very important part to bring Cambodia to meet the poverty target.
scavenger children in Phnom Penh, now have good school. Postkhmer

And what I delighted and admired to those that worked, have worked and are working to restore and give children opportunity with a new hope and future.

So, below are the best example of works of some NGOs, associations, govern't program

1)- Work of School built for rural children

 Thank to many NGOs who have paid attention to provide school built in some very far rural of Cambodia where children have no access for good education, but great they could have school to learn and avoid illiteracy.

Hopping that the government of Cambodia will increase attention on how to promote and encourage to have proper teachers to go in rural of Cambodia.

2)- Work to provide scavenger children opportunity with a new hope

We have seen some NGOs, associations who have been worked to provide scavenger children opportunity with a new hope to have school, and life skills. Going to school will be a great chance to change their life, and family for their future. So, keeping up and would like to thanks for your heart to do so.

3)- Work to provide opportunity with life skills for poor children

Providing life skills can be a best ways for poor children. When they are poor, their idea become very small too and because of lacking money to support their school, they could not find way out of the poor. So, supporting and equipping them with skills is the best.

4)- Work to provide opportunity for poor children with higher education

I also have seen some NGOs, or generous people, having a program to support poor children since, primary school until university so that the poor children can have higher education. This is great.

5)- Work to provide poor children with school supplement or materials

Now there are some fund agents who have worked and promoted and raised fund to buy school materials to give to rural and poor children. This is also a great idea, so that rural children they could have enough school material and feel encouragement for their study.

So, a few works that I mentioned, however, I am so delightful to hear and see those projects could benefit to the rural and poor children.

And also thanks to the donors who faithfully give your money to those projects to keep working in my country.

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