Best Tropical island paradise in Cambodia

The southern region of the sea of Cambodia was a gift of a rich natural tropical island to become treasures for tourism. The island was covered with green plants surrounded by desert sands and green and clear water surface are those maintain the original beauty Nature.

These tropical islands, there are more than 60 islands floating on the surface of the Gulf of Thailand. These islands are located in some Cambodia's provinces such as Preah Sihanouk, Kep and Koh Kong.  
This Wide scope offers beautiful scenery that is so worthy for tourists who love spending time or relaxing at the quiet and calm places.

1)- A day trip to bamboo island

The view of Bamboo island with white beautiful beach and bungalows

Just paid only $ 10 for a day boat ride visit to bamboo island, as it is located along the golden sand beach in Sihanouk ville. This is a luxury beach for visitors without spending much money.
They found a dirt road in the center of the island territory, it offers easy convenient for tourist enjoy the scenery while traveling. If visitors do not want to relax by lying sunbathing on the beach, but is also home construction bungalows to stay in, but it is required to book a place in advance.
For staying in the house leaves roof bungalows cost only $ 15.


2)- Diving in the waters around Koh Tang island


Koh Tang territory has also been known to create an incident of Vietnam the US war. It had a US warship named Maya Gonzalez opened the crossing during the Khmer Rouge in 1975. The island features is a leisure swimming and diving world standards.
To get there, visitors must travel by boat from the mainland for about 5 hours. Koh Tang is a paradise for recreational swimming or diving to see coral species or plants at the sea bottom.
What always found and it is interesting marine life such as squid and sea horses, located near campus Pring island, there are two places for the jump and diving activity. Tourists can also overhead to the Koh Rong island lethargy located near Sihanoukville.

3)- Traditional fishing village on the island king (Koh Sdech)


That the view of house of Koh Sdech vallager:


King Island is an island rich in variety of marine fish in the territorial of Koh Kong province, which lies on the border between Cambodia and Thailand.
On the island has a house built of wood misconduct maze while the fishermen were busy fishing for livelihood.
Visitors can see an overview of the lives of the fishermen on the widen greenest sea surface. In addition to recreational swimming along the beach, visitors can also enjoy catching crabs, snails in shallow water for fun.


4)-Huts Bungalow Rabbit Island 

5$ huts per night at Rabbit Island.

By boat trip only 20 minutes from Kep city we will get Rabbit Island. Here, it was the most popular in the country in the 1920s. While currently there are not many Khmer families who came to live here to build a house to open canteen for visitors.
Beach area, shallow water, bathing, swimming or relaxing hammocks with beer is the best things there. Even if tourist want to continue to stay the night, they have to put up with rural livelihoods due to currents electricity only from 6 pm to 9 pm only. In the darkness of the evening, you can sleep by enjoying the stars on a clear bright view.
For accommodation is $ 10 for a room with outside bathroom and $ 15 for bathroom inside.


5)- Vast sand beach on Koh Rong 


The vast array of great beaches.


If you would like to feel floating mine seems to stay somewhere alone, this vast island prosperity can help serve this need. It takes approximately two and a half hours by boat from Sihanouk ville to the island. Koh Rong rich in thick forest around which tourists rarely met this kind of such aspects .
It is located in the south west, also known as the island of white sand beaches. Here there is no food service as yet other islands, while the visitors were preparing food yourself, or you can contact the fishing villages to buy fresh seafood to eat.

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