How to create fun time without using technical devices with 5 ways

Today as technology sector have been grown so much, a lot of people started to turn themselves to find fun time through things technical, such as playing games on smartphone, using social media network on smartphones, or computer...etc.


Everywhere now, we can find people who using technical things for their fun times or to enjoy their life. People use computer, smartphone when meeting a friends, family, girl or boyfriend, when having meal, watching movies, or even sleeping time.

But below I just to bring you things that can make us fun without to have technology stuffs such as computer, smartphone. They will also help you to enjoy you daily life and have fun too.

1)- Start writing diary
Write something into your diary book, you can describe the daily work, unhappy or happy things and about what you remember and something best you can not forget, excited, surprised things. Writing like this, it really makes you feel relief and help your mind to think and consolidate because it will help strengthen memories, rather than sitting in front of a computer every day.

2)- Paint or draw something
Try drawing some of the things you've seen and done by doing imagination on those pictures. Do this make you feel refreshing to what you are painting or drawing, and it can become your another skill or favorite and it can be a little better time for you to play games or play social media that sometimes no benefits.

3)- Sport

If you have several classmates you can call them to play sports as you like such as badminton, football, basketball and so on.. It will benefit to your health and have fun time with friend too.

4)- Listen to music

Listening to music is to help you have a good memory and make you feel happy with the melody of the song. Listening to music also can bring fun time for you too especially the songs you love.

5)-  Read

Maybe in your home there are many books you never read at all. Think about how you should start reading the book. There are benefits from reading books, it helps you to gain more knowledge, help mind to focus on things, some books can provide a good lesson for life.

Reading is not easy, it requires your best try. When you used to reading, it will bring fun when you read. 

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