How to escape from the crowd to prevent accident- an idea for life safe

In Cambodia, there many big festivals a year, but Water festival is the biggest one that crowded people gathering to the town of Phnom Penh city, especially a long the river front.

The event this year is coming very soon in next month, I believe a lot of local people have been planned already to go to Phnom Penh for joining the event, and it will be more people or so. So through this article I just would like to express my idea on how to escape and prevent yourself from being any bad accident to your life such as stampede or something else...

Water festival in Phnom Penh

Accident is not meant always happen, but is not meant it will not happen either. Everything can happen as we never assumed, so it is better to prevent at first as the old proverb said "Prevention is better than Treatment".

The risk of death or serious injury could occur because of a stampede when a crowed of people get shock, scared or obstruction can not go in and out. How to leave from the crowd like that?

This past experience of accidents among crowed people that already occured due to stampede or actual obstruction such as recently in Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Muslim biggest religion ceremony and stampede in Phnom Penh during water festival 2010 that hundred of people were killed...

 Stampede in Phnom Penh 2010
 Stampede in Mecca

 To prevent yourself from accidents that can occur accidentally like that trace out as follows:
Discover the exit and the dangers that may arise
  • Focus on all entrances when you first get there. 
  • Find out where you are because when the crowd mobility on where wet ground uneven or slippery rocks near the lake, pond, etc. It is very dangerous if you fall down or are depressed.
  • Discover the atmosphere of the event: the chaotic situation of the crowd can be foreseen, and if it feels uncomfortable, you should leave the crowd. 
Way to escape the crowds that could have dangers
  • The first thing that you need to pay attention, should not attend the big event. 
  • If you are already in a crowd, do not move or walk in reverse of the crowd, stand or sit down in one place, do so  you may be dismissed fell to the ground and be walkover by the crowd. and running in the crowd is a bad idea as well because it can cause others to fall down, or yourself and moreover, you will create an chaotic situation.

  Stuck accident in a Koh Pich (Diamond island Phnom Penh)
  • Leaving the crowd, which is to make migration slowly and walked follow along the direction toward the left or right to where no people or less, and to where is roomy easily escape from the crowd in case something bad happens. 
  • Walking out of the crowd, you should lay blocking in front to protect the chest and abdomen. If you fall, you must quickly get up immediately and if can not get back up you should crawl forward parallel to the direction of movement of the crowd. If can not crawl, at last you can do is to act yourself as a gesture unborn baby in the tomb.
So, hope this idea can bring your mind to become more careful while being in the crowd, and prevent yourself from bad accidental events.

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