Not No, Not yes- Lt General Hun Manet interview, became hot talk on social Media

The interviewing between Radio Australia and Lt General Hun Manet, a Hun Sen's son who spent many years to study in the United States Military Academy at West Point and presently became the Lt General of royal army forces on recently 16 October 2015 has become very hot subject and discussion on the social media especially Facebook.

What have they mentioned about? The main perception is "Will he take over his father's position to become Cambodia prime minister in the future?"

There are two different concepts that facebookers commented and responded each other their own idea about Hun Manet. 

Some people seem really like and support him to become the future prime minister of Cambodia by admiring and expressing their love and supporting his characteristic.

But some people also expressed their idea and judgement and did not wish him to become the future prime minister of Cambodia because of his father's background and history of leading Cambodia and some problems in his governor's system. Some say "the leave is never go far from the tree".

I have nothing to say about this, just let the time will decide for him to be or not to be! 

I know as human being, we have different perception and view, but the same value because we the same man who were created and put to live on the earth. I encourage everyone to stay in positive way and keep value for one another. 

I like his mention about "the important thing is about how we can contribute, distribute good for society while we live on the earth" because country can change, it must go together, the leader and follower.

If we all want the country peace, good, develop by expecting only the leaders but ourselves do not contribute good into it, tell me what the country is going to be! I said this I know the leader is the one who is very important, moreover, we all are very important for country.

'Not no, not yes' Hun Manet, the son of Cambodia's prime minister Hun Sen, has declined to say if he wants the top job one day in a rare interview.
Posted by Radio Australia on Friday, October 16, 2015

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