The popular transportations to getting around Phnom Penh city

There is are different paid transportation in Phnom Penh city as well in another towns of Cambodia. Below are the 4 transportation means I would like to introduce to you if you would like to get around the  Phnom Penh city.

1)- Cyclo

It is non-polluting pedal-powered vehicles are much slower. If you are touring, they are great for a leisurely look around. They can also carry amazing loads. Many cyclo drivers are rice farmers who come into the cities during the dry season, and rent their cyclos to make money in the day and to sleep in at night. You will see them clustered in cyclo villages here and there throughout Phnom Penh, especially at night when the pedalers, who have rented them, use them for lodging.
A Cyclo ride costs about half of what a motorbike ride costs, though visitors are expected to be more generous. Nowadays, not many Cyclo left in the city, but if you would like to tour around the city with Cyclo, there is an association that tried to conserve Cyclo and make it be an iconic part of the city scene. Go to 

2)- Motodop / Moto taxi

Taking a moto taxi–often called a motodop–is the cheapest, fastest way to get from point A to point B in Cambodia.

In Phnom Penh and other cities in Cambodia, motorcycle taxis are widely available as a form of low-cost public transport. Motorcycle taxi drivers, who are almost exclusively male, are called motodops." They tend to hang around outside major tourist attractions, office buildings, public markets, and near the corners of residential streets. There is no regulated system of training or bike maintenance and no common uniform, so anyone on his way home from the market might offer you a ride (and the driver's intentions can generally be trusted, the state of his bike, a little less so).

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3)- Tuk Tuk

It’s a great way to ride in style and see the city while giving, if nothing else, the illusion of safety over riding in a moto.

The tuk tuk has got to be one of the most pleasant forms of interurban transit in Cambodia. The official name for them is the French word remorque, but everyone still calls them tuk tuks. These two-wheeled carriages pulled behind a moto are a breezy way to travel and are marginally safer than going by moto–mostly because they go at about half the speed.

4)- Taxi Meter  

In the recent years, taxi meter company was launched in Phnom Penh that called Global Taxi.

Global Taxi was the first taxi company in Cambodia using taximeter. They usually offer an on-call 24/7 service, although sometimes they wait in tourist areas especially late at night.  The price starts at 4000 Riel (1 USD) and will take you 2km then you have to pay 400 Riel per km.

Contact service number: 011311888, 092889962

But if you would like to tour the city, Taxi meter is not the way I suggest, Cyclo and Tuk Tuk are the best.

Note: before having one of them, remember that bargaining is very important you have to do. Do not expecting they are trusted, yes some drivers are but in case arguing when you pay the money. But for taxi meter is not a problem.

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