Travel to a small and quiet Mekong Bird resort relaxation

During Pjum Benh, a Buddhism festival, I had no chance to go and visit somewhere in Cambodia even my hometown. We, my family and I just stayed at home harmonically with our quiet house that is a little far from Stung Treng town of Cambodia.  

Taken @ Mekong Bird Resort 13/10/2015
A lot of families in Stung Treng town, they were so happy to go far away, and while many young people turned back to the homeland to spend time with family happily.

In Stung Treng, there aren't many places that famous to attract people from different provinces to come and visit, beside Preah Nimith Cascades/ waterfalls at the Lao's border and some of community based eco-tourism areas. But even though we still saw more local people traveled to Stung Treng town, because of the road easily connected from Preah Vihea province and in the middle of Ratakiri province and some people would like to go across to Lao side.

For me, as stay at home, we (my wife, son and I) took a few hours at the evening of the big Pjum Benh day to go to a small resort that are not far from our house, it took only about 10 minutes.

That resort named "Mekong Bird Resort". Because it is located a long up Mekong river in Stung Treng province.

It is at Koh Kaden village, Samaki commune, Stung Treng Cambodia, It's about 5 km from the town on the paved road and about 700 m on the dirt road to the resort.

If you arrived in Stung Treng town, you can travel across Sekong bridge toward to Lao border about 5 km from the bridge you can see the resort sign board at the right side, and turn left to the dirt road about 700 more meter.

Thankful to real nature of the Mekong river there to make my feeling so relaxed for a few hours because its fresh air, quiet moment, cool weather and the decoration of the place.

We spent time to stay and ate dinner there with some great foods. During holiday a lot of people like going there, spending time with family and friend relax and eat.

As I knew, they also provide boat service to visit some island villages a long the river, also they can prepare trip for Eco-tour and Kayak...etc. There are also a few wooden bungalow to stay too.

So, I had a great a little time there with my lovely wife and son!

Watch video here!

This was one of food we ate!

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