Websites to provide sources in improving your learning English

As everyone know, English language is used worldwide and it is an international language to communicate with one another while traveling, living, working in different countries.

For the ASEAN countries, English language has started to become more interesting to ASEAN young people to learn it, because of the ASEAN integration very soon by the end of 2015.

So English has become a new hotter subject that ASEAN people are focusing on and each ASEAN countries governments has also encouraged their people to study English more and more especially the younger generations.

To learn English is not so easy, we need to invest a lot of things such as time, effort, money, courage and researching.

So, what I am gathering here, are the sources online that could help you to improve English learning. There are different websites and also different type of ways helping your English study.


Here a few websites that are very helpful for you to improve English learning:
    •    type of online video conversation, so you can practice listening 
    •   practicing grammar and vocabulary
    •  practicing grammar and reading
    •  type of newspaper and grammar study
    •   practicing through listening to video
    •   study through newspaper
    •   listening to teacher and student forum
    •   grammar and vocabulary study
    •   listening and reading
    •  listening and reading 
So, hope everyone, English learner will enjoy your online study and research with all these websites and they will help you to improve your English learning.

Please anyone has known another links that is useful for learning English, please feel free to comment on this post, it will help many people to learn their English language. Thanks beforehand!

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