2 Big things or events in November in Cambodia

While I got up this morning, I can smell a fragrant of naturally from the paddy rice field because my house is surrounded by the paddy rice field of farmers the same my village make me feel so relaxed and fresh.

I just walked a little bit to behind my house and I can see the paddy rice field filling by golden color everywhere. Wow, I love seeing this scenery, the great smell including the golden covering the field.

This is reminding me about the good time for Cambodian farmers that they have been busy for about six months to wait for this time coming. Their face become so proud and happy to see about their paddy rice fruitfulness, and how their works are nearly accomplished.

The rice grains is becoming yellow or even a golden color. It boosts farmers’ hearts so much when they see this color. They still carefully guard their field against mice and birds. Then on a good sunny day, they will come to the paddy field with their family and friends, each and every one of them having a sickle hanging around their neck, singing a happy song while they work hard to harvest, thinking about the good yield they got this year that will secure their family’s food for the next year.

It is time to remind me about 2 or 3 things or event to accompany during this season coming too in Cambodia. 

1)- Harvesting season in Cambodia

This season is a happy and busy season for Cambodian farmers. Their work for a few month now is coming to accomplish. Farmers are so happy to the fruitfulness of their paddy rice that they have spent a hard work for it.

There are about 80 percent of people are farmers in Cambodia. The main job of these farmers is to planting rice for their life supplement. 

2)- A big festival in Cambodia (Water, moon and Ork Ombok festival)

Cambodia Water Festival is celebrate for 3 days. In this year 2015 the water festival is celebrate on 24, 25 and 26. Before the water festival people that is the member of boat racing come to phnom penh to get ready for racing.

The Water Festival is coming foreign tourists and peasants from various provinces gather in the capital to celebrate the Water Festival.And why did they want to celebrate it? Because they want to review Khmer king that always does the battle with enemies by sailing.

The Water Festival is also includes 3 other ceremonies it is: illuminated float( loy prortip), Moon salutation ( sompaes preah kae) and eating of pestle new special rice with banana or coconut juice(ork ombok). 

This is a big day for Cambodian people around the country, that all private and government workers must stop working for 3 days. Phnom Penh city will be crowded by people.

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