2 Funny things you can enjoy doing while visiting Cambodia

Ok, what I am writing here, it is not much about information to make a perfect plan about visiting Cambodia, but it's just a little funny unplanned things come up to make you fun during visiting around in Cambodia.

To do these funny things do not need to make any plan, you just take sometimes when you have a little free time after busy time traveling, visiting planned places, schedule then you will properly have fun, enjoy it and have a great memory of your precious traveling to Cambodia.

I have observed that, a lot of tourists are not interested in funny things that I will describe, but more interested in famous things such as Angkor Wat temple, best beaches, resorts...etc.

These a little funny things they are also can be a great cultural expression of Cambodia country. and if you may try it and you will also can learn a bit about its culture things.

So, come to enjoy those things as below:

1)- Making and dressing up yourself in traditional Khmer attire and shoot pictures

How is it look, everyone will be amazed

Look, am I funny? but very enjoyed

This is a funny things you can do, you will have a great memory of your traveling in Cambodia. Dressing up in real Khmer traditional, sometimes you will feel a little weird as you feel not comfortable, but you will enjoy it later, and laugh for it when you see yourself in the pictures. It doesn't take a long time to do, maybe take one hour for making and dressing you up.

To do this, you can just go to Photo shops around to your place, it is easy to find in Phnom Penh, or other towns of Cambodia. The price is also reasonable.

Try it, I believe you will laugh, and enjoy your photos.

2)- Trying to eat weird Cambodian foods

 Fried bugs and spiders
Fried cricket

Trying to eat what you never eaten, seen or somethings that you think weird or unbelievable can be a great fun for you in your time in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, there are plenty of foods that foreigners have thought the weird foods, and when they see them, they will open very big eyes in doubt on how people can eat those things.

If you know yourself not allergy to them, or you think you will be ok to try them, so you should try. You will be amazed and remembered for you traveling. 

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