2 videos about the great and attractive new waterfalls in Cambodia may you should visit

This is what Cambodia found recently, and it is new natural resources for tourist who love the nature and waterfalls. These both were found in Mondulkiri territory, where a lot of nature resources can find there and one of many best tourist sites in Cambodia.

Mondulkiri province known as place where there are many attractions to tourist who love to explore and discover nature and especially the tribal cultures.

So far, Mondulkiri province also have been famous with a waterfalls called "Bousra waterfalls" that has attracted many tourists to visit every year.

Now recently, 2 new natural waterfalls in Mondulkiri province were found, I would love to bring these views for you and I assure that they are very great places to discover nature.

Let watch the video clips together:

1) Leng Orng and Leng Khin in Mondul Kiri province

Source: postkhmer.com

Located at a distance of approximately 4 km from the entrance to the trail on the left hand in the process from the Phnom Penh beyond gateway district Oreang about 100 meter you will see two layer-waterfall area where has the most shallow and the highest layer "Leng Orn" and "Leng Khin" surrounded by forest that make this area become fresh and cold for relaxing.

2)- O Dem Korn waterfalls 


Located near to border post number 7 crossings between Cambodia and Vietnam, where we can see many car driving on the highway at Vietnam's side, showing about a beautiful waterfall hidden behind in thousands of hectares of rubber plantations was a newly discovered.

O Damkorn waterfalls is about 8 meters tall, which flows into two approximately 8 meters and a width of 2 meters, located in the commune Busra and district of Pichreada.

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