5 Special software for your favorite painting and drawing on the iPad, iPhone

For everyone who love drawing on the iPad, you should use with these four special programs that I will show you as below and in these four of those programs are respective features.

They are famous and known by many iPad users, and these programs always updated constantly because the owner of a program have monitored to develop it more functional for meeting user requirements. Let's see them
1- Auto Desk SketchBook
It's a program that has been recognized more and focus on the draw not only just another update recently. Through this program, you can draw different preferences with paint freely.


2- Adobe Illustrator Draw
This program is suitable for the unique artist who enjoys drawing and looks embedded with meaning it not only works on the iPad, for who used the iPhone can also download it to use.


3- Tayasui Sketches
It's a program that focuses on drawing cartoons varied in accordance with the concept of the draw whether you should draw the kind of fit what it wants, it can also be used on the iPhone. For this program, it does not have a lot of functions.


4- Adobe Photoshop Sketch
It is an app for the iPad pretty much functional for drawing. For this program, it attracts another respect, because it limited drawing a clear picture when you mix the paint.


5- Procreate
It is especially the largest single Unfortunately, it is priced at 4.49 $, so if you want to focus on drawing, you should spend the money to buy it because it has lots of functions and developers do not abandon it continues to Update until the moment there is nothing new.

Note: If you wish to download any software, just click on its name, you will automatically go to the App Store to download and you can also find video to learn drawing from these programs on YouTube, too.

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