9 best typically halloween hollywood movies

Pentecostal Halloween was really very attractive for the people, during this event many people in different places of the world participate in recreation fun, some people attend the event by making up themselves or to some people take this opportunity to do different venues.

But for those who stay at home, I would love to introduce with famous world's top 10 reflected out of the car Halloween to watch at home.Some movie were produced from a long time ago, but popularity is not lost yet, while each story shows mixed with fear funny mystery.

Here is the key scenes of the movie, which is considered as the top 9 movie:

1. Christine in 2012


2. The Car in 2008


3. Maximum Overdrive in 2015


4. Death Proof in 2007


5. The Wraith in 2010

6. Black Cadillac in 2010


7. Jeepers Creepers in 2013

8. Ghostbusters in 2013

9. Scooby-Doo in 2015

So let enjoying your time at home with these movies. Have a good time!

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