Cambodia issued a new ethics forbids smoking, dress naked, selfie with monks, begging kids around Angkor area

After taking back recently its management from private sector on Angkor area, Cambodian government have been working out to improve morality in entering and around or Angkor area.

Photo source: yuriye flickr

Angkor Wat, a Wonder stuff and soul of Cambodia issued a campaign official in the elimination of any inappropriate behavior of all images in the temple area and where the sanctuary other issued as ethics new for all visitors carry.

At the beginning of January next year 2016, Angkor Wat, which is the largest religious monument in the world and as a heritage of the world  UNESCO unit, will open from 5:30 am to allow visitors can also visit the sunrise.

In particular, to ensure the dignity manners well and maintain cultural greatness while recently Apsara Authority issued the principles of ethics, a new and put executives already well in which there is an alarm, such as banning all visitors smoking, giving candy or money to kids begging, dressing or photographing nude in the temple area, especially shrines and banned from photographing Selfie with monks and so on.

Also, the new policy was adopted in response to some immoral things that happened so far, including 2 women, an American, was arrested after they were photographed nude in the temple.

Here are the ban

Hope all tourists entering to Angkor zone will be acknowledged for this new ban and will cooperate it. May you enjoy visiting Cambodia!

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