Cambodia with new prosperity in the world eyes

Instead of bringing you to see a little political issues in Cambodia, I would like to bring you the new things are going to bring Cambodia to the world eyes about how things have been developed from year to year and in the future.

If we look behind the politic scene, Cambodia has been also grown, it has not been so fast but we have had an optimistic about the growth especially its economy, and tourism sector.

So, in this post I would like you to expose to what the good things that Cambodia will have in the future,

1)- Cambodia will be eliminate from LDC countries in the world by next year 2016

A grocery seller in PP.

Through a local website, quoted the recent World bank survey on Cambodia economy said that Cambodia will be eliminated completely from the Lower Development Countries to the medium Development countries in next year.

It said that because of observation on its economy raised up in good growth from year to year, and if it remains go up, confirming that Cambodia will step forward away from LDC.

I have an optimistic too about the growth, and congratulation to what Cambodia has received. 

2)- The ease of doing business even better in Cambodia


Cambodia has increased the ranks of easy to do its business better, up from 133 ratings a year earlier to $ 127 in 2015. According to the report of the World Bank.
The report shows that there is a remarkable progress on a number of days and procedures required to start a business, despite It remained below the world's average level.
A report on the exploitation of 2016 released by the World Bank yesterday in the last, among the Member States ASEAN, except Laos and Myanmar.
Jean Arlet co-author of the report said: 'It's true that the country has reduced a lot of time and procedure to enable business processes But other countries are doing better.
According to Mr. Arlet with the timing to start commercial time 87 other countries around the world for an average of almost 20 days, including 13 among countries in East Asia and the Pacific and 25 require 20 days or less than the cost of doing business.
The rise of easy to start a business as a project of Trade Minister last earlier this year, said the reforms such as online registration can improve the country's rating to just 21.

3)- A new movie titled "First, they killed my father, a daughter of Cambodia remembers"

First they killed my father.

A new film that conducting by the famous Hollywood Angelina Jolie, will start to film it very soon in Cambodia, properly in Siem Reap of Cambodia.

This film will focus on how a daughter was survived from the darkness time of Cambodia called Pol Pot regime, that controlled Cambodia for more than 3 years  and killed more than 3 million Cambodian innocent people.

So, through this movies we believe that Cambodia will become more attractive to people eyes around the world. Because of the places will use to produce the film mostly will be around Angkor region, so that's what will bring Cambodia civilization to the world.

All these things mentioning above, can be a factors to increase the world attention about Cambodia. People will see not just the political issues, but the things that is different, and hope that Cambodia will keep walking in the right path,.

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