How to take a better photograph in 10 ways

Taking photograph is a great leisure, creativity and also can let you earn money from it if you become expert on it.

Below I just would like to collect some methods that can help you who love photography and would like to become an expert in photography. Hope this will be a helpful idea for you to increase you capacity of photograph taking. Let enjoy it!

1. Not enough in taking only a photo

You should have at least three times shoot in a layout. Try to adjust angle shot from the sides or walk backwards, do not just stand in a place. More photos shoot, we have more options.

2. Want a great layout, do not be afraid​ of dirtiness to cloth or body 


Wants to be a photographer can take a beautiful layout, we have to dare to go into dangerous places where dirt or sometimes need to lye on the ground because that kind of layout maybe very rare people who can shoot. The most difficult places are unique spectacle rarely seen.

3. Light is the most necessary factor for photography 

For ordinary people, they may not care about the status light when we shoot, but if you start holding digital camera, and that you need the most attention. Source of light from the sun, ISO light flash light. If possible, learn from images taken by the various experts that kind of situation should have the kind of light!?

4. Most photographers are dreams equivalent car camera


Most photographers are poor due to camera equipment. You might think that by 1000 or $ 2000 camera is strong enough for photography, but when more highly skilled, you really begin to dream sequence Professional Camera with good Lens. They are worth no less than $ 5,000, and if you need more Lens can be ten thousand of dollars.

5. Others have a good camera make sure that they may can not shoot pictures better than you

Good camera is not sure to provide a good photo. It also requires us to find innovative layout and editing it. Hence, in the world of photographers do not evaluate someone on camera, saying they would see when the photo was snapped.

6. photographer never had a break

Photography is not a hobby, but it's part of life. Most photographers are always recording images on a regular basis, and when is the best in leisure and during the tour. Therefore, our duty is always there.

7. Avoid using assisted App

People may be less impressed with a beautiful photo though its editing. Actual Before taking a photograph, photographers have to work hard to edit ISO, Shutter, Speed ​​best as possible, and the final phase redevelopment little to keep the original masterpiece.

8. Flash lights used for filming stuff away, not nearby


Flash light is best for objects is far not anywhere near the camera. Hence, in the dark, do not fire the flash very close to the object that we want, or you can use a some plastic thing to wrap on the flash like so that the flash light will not be strong with the nearer object you shooting.

9. Sometimes the flash lights very useful during the day

Flash lights, not only can use the dark places, but it can also be used during the day as well. We can use it to shoot people or calligraphy brushes that are in front of us and the background will be a dark shadow unique and full of creativity.

10. Background area is more important than the objects we will forbear


Before filming something we need to pay attention to the background than objects we want to shoot. It should have a sharp surface not mess exposed to the object, which we will begin shooting.
Photography can be an easy or difficult but what is an important that if you want to become a regular photographer or order an expert? And a good idea, you should learn about photography more. It's a special skill. Professional photographer can also earn more money, too, it is also the best leisure and you will be never bored.

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