What special feature in Phnom Penh city of Cambodia!

Phnom Penh was known as " Pearl of Asia" is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. Today is a commercial, political and cultural center that offers a unique combination of traditional beauty and style.

Today, as the economic growth of cities and urban construction. Wave of development has created about 30 high-rise building, including business center, restaurants that offer good food and service luxury style hotel at all levels. What contributes to this development is the growth of the food and nightlife scene that can compete with other cities in the region.

This beautiful capital city also features many cultural and historic attractions, including the opportunity to represent the culture of the local country. Here also there are some old colonial homes and building with beauty, new markets and a lot of things as an evidence of the powerful energy of the the city's roads.

Famous Riverside meeting of small pubs, bars and popular restaurants. Stores that offer products made from beautiful silk and exhibition galleries on either side of the road. In addition to the spectacle of Fine Arts and entertainment at night, you will understand why Phnom Penh become an adorable and such tourist destinations.

Around Phnom Penh

Wanting to know the history and the life of the King, tourist can do tours to the Royal Palace and the Temple emerald, which is located near the palace.

Just walk a little meter from the Royal palace, you will see the National Museum, there you can check and learn about Khmer culture and art. There are sculpture objects made from ceramic, copper and ancient people .

To experience the city's life, you can walk along Sothearos Blvd with local food and antique shops that sell items such as silver tray, Chest Belt betel, wooden statues or ancient coins and marble from famous Pursat province.

You can also enjoy traveling around the city. Boulevard filled with some beautiful buildings left over from the colonial era and luxury view on the riverside, there are many cafes and restaurants that make this city beautiful visit by foot.

For those who are interested in buying, shopping, Toul Tumpoung Market was also known as the Russian market, which sells antique, sewing clothing and other memorabilia from factory with special discounts. Who prefer comfortable with air conditioning, you can choose to stop at the city's luxury goods stores (such as supermarkets Surya Vanna and shopping centers City Mall...).

Boat riding along the River in Phnom Penh offers the perfect break to finish worn all day. Absorb air breeze and visit the country's cities began to light up in the evening.

So, all of these you can enjoy in Phnom Penh city.

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