10 popular and beautiful launchers to use with your smart phones

In 2014 many new applications Launcher, which is present in the Play Store, but there are very few Launcher is famous and popular download to use. At this time I brought the famous popular Launcher, which was released in 2014 and continued to be popular until 2015, distributed to all of you who have not yet used the test can be used without concern.

You can visit its each style at the bottom, and if you are satisfied can download to use immediately, free of charge as well.

1. Google Now Launcher
The Launcher, which was founded under the name of Google itself, so you can download to use and reliable program established last year.

2. Nokia Z Launcher
Launcher is also unusual set up under the name Nokia has a style different from other Launcher, and you certainly do not regret it after download Launcher to use.

3. APUS Launcher
Launcher is also unusually hot enough by its style colorful beauty can make you use both young and older favor.

4. EverthingMe Launcher
Launcher has a unique style different from other Launcher Launcher is simple but elegant look.

5. Aviate
Launcher, set up under the name Yahoo, which was released in 2014, you download to more than 1 million times, so you can know that Launcher really fascinating extent.

6. Terrain Home
Launcher can accompany or assist your everyday fluency, whether at home or out and it can accompany News related to climate change or to schedule table what to do further.

7. UR Launcher
Launcher great no matter where you or you want to do this Launcher can accompany and support your activities.

8. Blur
Launcher News, monitoring climate change is happening now and the future, and maintain contact your social network better, for readers who have always used various social networks can charge using the Launcher.

9. Flow Home (Beta)
Launcher update adds quick search for something different, it comes with a search at the Menu button to allow users to easily search for files or other programs faster.

10. ZERO Launcher
Launcher icons other than Launcher beautiful and accompanied with many functions, allowing users to find something new in that if you want to know more clearly charging can download to use.

These 10 Launchers are the perfect choice that you can try using them one by one, and need not fear about issue or charge after using. These free programs you can download to use at any time. Enjoy with them!

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