2 best 3D comedic animation movies you should watch

Below are two films I will collect to bring you all the new entertainment for the end of 2015 and early 2016, particularly for those who love watching animation films/movies.

Animation movies is my favorite. I love animation movies. I can watch a film many times with no boring.

So, Below are the new two comedic animation movie that I would like to bring you laugh together. Let enjoy them.

1- Storks

Storks is a film that will appear in 2016, and  it's 3D animation production comedy produced by Warner Bros Pictures.

Storks is about a big Transport  called Junior Transport which pack their bags using Mandarin to every corner of the world. Junior, a director of Transport has mistaken opening machines create a baby, and the engine also creates a cute one baby. Junior and his friend Tulip go adventure and carry the baby to fine the family for the baby, so she's got a warm family.

Watch the trailer


2-  The good Dinosaur


The Good Dinosaur, a film about the adventures of dinosaur named Arlo is an animated comedy film,
The dinosaurs is derived from adventures in a world that filled with dinosaurs.

Then a Apatosaurus dinosaur named Arlo established friendship with the first native people called the Spot.In this adventure Arlo find a way so that they no longer have fear and discover their true ability.

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