5 ASEAN countries which have the most beautiful Christmas decoration!

The official website of ASEAN recently wrote about the 5 ASEAN countries which have stated Christmas as their official holiday.

Within the next few days, the traditional Christmas festival, which the West will reach to come and it's One that is more than 2. 3 billion people around the world held every year and many countries set it to be an annual holiday, and that there are some countries in Southeast Asia as well.

Obviously among the 10 ASEAN countries, only the Philippines, considered Christianity as the state religion, Singapore at separate Christianity is just one of the 4 largest religious in the country  but in the ASEAN, there are 5 countries which states Christmas as its official holiday, according to ASEAN's holiday calendar .

Those countries include Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.
Although Brunei is a Muslim country, but have been allowed to have a holiday on December 25 every year, just do not let the celebration in public only. This ban has just come out for 2 last year.

Also, however, this festival is not stated as an official holiday in other countries still there are some people in this festive celebration, and also preparing decorated Christmas tree in the streets and give each other gifts.

Please visit the Gallery Christmas in the following 5 countries:

1- Brunei

2- Indonesia

3- Malaysia

4- Philippines

5- Singapore

Source: Official ASEAN website

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