Community-based-tourism "Rolous Thom" hibernate at frontier of Oddor Mean Chey province

Almost no Khmer domestic tourists have an opportunity to see or recognize the great unexpected that there is in Cambodia, with a chunk of stone ground grow up to become golden ferns surrounded by small burneth and otherwise rare grass that grows next to the rock is a tourist resort area community Rolous Thom.

This resort is located in the Khnach Russey village bansaeayrak commune, Samrong district and Oddar Meanchey province in the north-west of the country land width About 8 km wide and about 10 km. It is about 439 kilometers from Phnom Penh next to the Thai border by mountainous of Dang Rek.

Roluos Thom community resort is not far from the town is about 18 kilometers from the city of Samrong.
This is a true eco-tourism resort has a very rare beautiful landscape. It is a such of the popular adventure tourism in Europe or the United States.

These ferns were a clay residue remaining from the erosion of the water source out of the
Dang Rek mountain range that carried with it the kind of mixture of clay and sand and water erosion, it is also lining sand only the ground floor. Stone, rock types is older of Dang Rek mountain range.

Forest around this area become good shelter for beasts or different animals. There are also many lake around this community area.

However, this larger community Rolous thom are still not very well known, because of its infrastructure and creativity of the community development.

Hope tourism of Cambodia will develop this area to become a popular place for tourist and develop its infrastructure and create things around to become great resort in Oddor Mean Chey province of Cambodia.

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