How Cambodian people celebrate Christmas!

Today Christmas have been popular to celebrate around the world and a lot of people have enjoyed when Christmas time coming.

Cambodia is also one of many countries in the world where many religions have been free to adhere even though the state religion is Buddhism.

Christmas celebration by a group of youth in Cambodia

Some ASEAN countries recently, set Christmas to be official National Holiday, even the state religion is  not Christian.

In this post, I just would love to show how different ways people in Cambodia think and celebrate Christmas event around the country.

Today, we can see Christmas event has become one of many attractive and popular events in Cambodia that people are happy to celebrate and join, especially adolescent and young generation. We can see everywhere in Country such as at schools, universities, work places, companies...etc.

Christmas is not counted to be official holiday in Cambodia, but it is free to celebrate. We can see different things during Christmas event in Cambodia.
  • A lot of business houses or firms were decorated by beautiful light and displayed with and big big Christmas tree.
  • It is a good time for business promotion. Some companies started selling discounted but also some companies sell with higher price of their products, especially present or gift business.
  • Good time for young people give and change present to one another.
  •  Some schools or universities students do not go to the class because they would love to celebrate or meet for party and play present.

And for the churches and followers of Christ in Cambodia, they celebrated Christmas in different ways. What they focus on is the Birth of Jesus Christ.

So, the followers meet together at churches and celebrate and remark about Christ was born. They meditate, praise and worship. And there are special performance about Jesus birth story with Khmer traditional dress up and they have feast together at church.

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