How Cambodian people celebrate Countdown and New Year!

New Year countdown is what people around the world are always exciting about. It is a great holiday out of the most holiday in the world and so Cambodia does.

Countdown is done at time of 11 and 59 minutes at midnight on December each year for the old year end and the new comes that most of people around the world take part in and most of them do not sleep until midnight. They also have party and drink Champagne.

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A lot of countries in the world take part in to celebrate this event by decorate lights in the main city and most business houses are opened 24 hours and so Cambodia especially, in Phnom Penh city, Siem Reap city, Sihanouk ville City, Kampot and Kep province where a lot of people will spend New Year time there.

But I feel so sorry when I am writing this post to Syria country and its people and others countries where are broken down by war as people around the world are exciting and happy to celebrate the New Year, Syrian people are in sadness, fear, and hurt from the war, they lost home, family and almost everything in their lives. As we are happy now, keep praying for those who are vulnerable from the war and may they are safe and no more war very soon.

Back now to what I would love to write is about how and what Cambodian people celebrate Countdown and New Year!

Cambodia has been considered as a peaceful country and has developed fast in the last few year. A lot of people are satisfied to what the country has achieved, even some are still not content and would like to see some more changed politically.

For the last few year, we can see the stability of politic in Cambodia that allowing Cambodian people has chance to enjoy life of peacefulness in the country.

So, during countdown and New Year coming, what Cambodian people love doing;

  • People in the city like Phnom Penh, they love going far away for this holiday to Sihanouk Ville, Kampot or Kep province and Siem Reap Angkor where are the best place for countdown meeting and celebrate New Year.
  • People who are not going far away, they love spending time to go out with friends and family. In Phnom Penh, people like going out to Koh Pich (Diamond island), A long riverside and spend time until midnight with firework, and beautiful lights.
  • A lot of people meet together at some places such as restaurant, nightclub, bars to have party and celebrate New Year.
  • People just send wishes and prayers message to each other such as friend, colleagues, family and loved one when the time of New Year arrives.
View of Phnom Penh city for New Year welcome
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 So, these what typically Cambodian countdown and celebrate New Year. During this time each year hotels and guesthouses mostly are full especially in Siem Reap, Sihanouk ville, Kep and Kampot province, beside Phnom Penh city is that ok because a lot of Phnom Penh residents leave for above places mentioned.

At last, I would love to say Happy New Year to everyone, and enjoy your life and happiness. Thank you!

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