How to downlaod "Khmer SQL" Khmer-language programs where you can learn about the SQL language easily

For those students who are studying Information Science and Programming skill must be met with a subject (SQL) specific. So to prepare, learn about it yourself, I would like to introduce you all to install a developed program by Cambodian sAExit Studio.

In this program is being prepared in Khmer suddenly again in order to provide more convenience to all learners.

On the other hand, when you click to open it the first time, it has 5 boxes for us to choose, including:

1- Foundations
2- Function
3- Level
4- Some database
5- And the last to leave the program.

If you are interested can download an application by clicking on the link below:
Click here to download the Khmer SQL (for Android)

Finally, thanks to the Khmer  sAExit Studio who has produced and developed this SQL Khmer language program so that many students have chance to study about SQL language easier.

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