How to lock and hide Gallery for Android Devices with 5 Applocks

When someone grabbed the phone, we can not know what they would open access on our phone. So in this post, I will introduce  5 easy lock programs for your phone safe for all Android devices, On other hand, after the opening of these programs already, it is not trapped in Multitasking, that it is safe for you who wanting to hide the image or video.

Let see all together

1.  Hide Photos in Photo Locker

This program provides safety for those who want to hide the pictures, it requires us to put the 6-digit password to lock. For 2 version is a free version and a Pro version. Click this link to download the Free Version

2. Photo & Video Locker

Program 2, can this man give us hide both video and images, and it is safe as well, with a lock that has a 6 digit code and the lock is a chart signal also (Pattern). Click this link to download

3. Folder Lock

It can hide photos, videos and music program and the Folder Lock program is different from the above-mentioned program, except that it can give us a text passwords. Click this link to download

4. Video Locker

It can we hide the video, but it also has other secret security because it requires us to put a 6-digit code. Click this link to download

5.  App Lock

Our program can put a password on each well and it can only lock on to the image, you can lock the entire Gallery. Click this link to download

Note that the 5 Applocks are mentioned it is not remembering in Multitasking after opening it, so no one knows that we have hidden a picture or something. And you all need to remember that when you put a password, do not forget to enter email addresses avoiding you forgot your password.

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