How to secure you smartphone screen for longer use with 6 simple tips

The screen also plays an important part in his smartphone after one of the engines inside of the phone, as if a smartphone are not equipped with screens, certainly we do not know what to check.

However, this section (screen) are also more likely to suffer other clashes, and less solid, and hence it requires you to use it with caution and care, so that it can be used long-term. You should know what to do to be able to screen of smartphone can be used for a long time? I would like to bring some tips for that:

Cover screen with extra glass screen

Like you ever know that protect the glass screen is a screen that is not vulnerable to strong clashes something.

Frequently clean the screen

At least 1 day to clean it twice to avoid dust or debris in small parts or small holes of the phone.

Avoid hot place to place

Believe that each smartphone was promoted to appropriate to a specific temperature. And its flagship, where moisture or where high temperatures can also affect the screen of the smartphone, too.


Keep away from where absorbing substances (Magnetic Fields)

For some people may not know that the screen of your smartphone will soon absorb Magnetic thing easily if it is like that it could pose a problem to show the picture to the next day.Today these substances is equipped in TV, fridge, microwave, Speakers.

Reduce the emphasis on the screen

Unless your smartphone is equipped with 3D Force Touch Touch technology is not too worried. But if it's a normal smartphone, you should touch it softly. Most say this is referred to those who like to play games

Timeout should not be too long

Timeout is a function, which is located in the screen display for set off a light during a defined time. However, the long open Timeout function, it is not as good, but it can cause a problem inside of a smartphone very hot because of the many programs open.
Totally if any points that you most frequently committed! So, after reading the above article, and hope that you can reduce those points, and you can use smartphone screen longer.

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