How to set your Iphone secured with 5 simple tips

Anyone who lost smartphone is definitely sad because it wastes money that we earned hard to buy it and what more, then lost important data is contained within, including images or videos and some people are afraid of someone has your phone will shared your personal images or videos on social networks that can be embarrassment.

Thereby, I will bring you a few simple tips to follow to be able to keep your smartphone safe.

1- Password or fingerprint

  • You go to Settings > Touch ID > Passcode already dragged down a bit, click on Turn Passcode On, you can then type in the password.
  • Layers for iPhone fingerprint scanner you can go to Settings &Touch ID > Passcode and then dragged down a bit, pick Add a Fingerprint ... and you can fingerprint ID.

2- Close to activate the Siri function when Lock

You can go to Settings >Touch ID > Passcode then drag where Allow Access When Locked and Siri if there is no means that you do not travel if you should shut it down.

3- Require password immediately when opened immediately

For this option on iOS8 need for on iOS9 up to it there is only one choice Immediately, so no need to worry here.

4-Close the Control Center travel when Lock

You can go to Settings > Control Center and disable Access on Lock Screen so that others steal user functions on the Control Center when locked.

5-Travel Find My iPhone feature


This function is very important when you lose your iPhone, you can know where it was when the missing iPhone internet connection is on. You can go to Setting > iCloud drag down slightly open process Find My iPhone.
These tips, most readers are aware, but still a minority who do not know all the safety and hope you can follow the tips above, and can make confident when using.

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